Parent Contract

Parent Contract with Port of Galway Sea Scouts

I / We consent to the following undertakings given by me / us the Applicant (The applicant is taken as meaning the parent(s) / Guardian(s) for their child):

I / We confirm that my child will always be dropped to and collected from activities at the correct time.

I / We will answer all emails from Port of Galway Sea Scouts promptly, regarding attendance or non-attendance at an event. It is impossible to plan events if ALL parents do not reply straight away. I/We confirm we will sell one book of 12 days of Christmas for our family. Each youth member will attend TWO fundraisers with a parent.

I / We understand that in the event of my / our child requiring medical attention all reasonable efforts will be made to contact me / us (or the Alternative Emergency Contact if I / we are uncontactable) at the contact numbers provided on this consent.

In the event of my / our child being taken ill or injured during the period of this consent, I / we hereby consent to any emergency medical, surgical or dental treatment that may be necessary in a situation where I / we cannot be contacted for the purposes of giving consent at the time of treatment. I / We hereby authorise the Scouters of Port of Galway Sea Scouts to communicate our consent to any treating medical or dental practitioner.

I / We authorise, confirm and agree that the Scouters in Port of Galway Sea Scouts hereto or their nominee shall have authority over our child and the right to give lawful instructions to our child to the same extent as we ourselves.

I / We confirm that all the details above in relation to my / our child are correct.