*** Orders Close : Monday 29th January 5pm – Next Orders will be in September 2024 ***

Sea Scout Uniform

As agreed at our 2023 AGM, 1st Port of Galway Sea Scouts will be adopting the Sea Scout uniform in-line with other Sea Scout Groups across Ireland. For our regular scout activities this will consist of a Dark French Navy Blue jumper, dark navy trousers and our Group Neckerchief
In order to ensure we do this at the lowest cost possible to families and so that we have a consistent uniform we will be taking the following approach.
Current Uniform Changeover 
All Children may continue to wear the existing uniform until they grow out of it, or it needs replacement due to wear and tear. All new uniform orders should follow the procedure outlined below.
Scouting Ireland is an uniformed organisation, as such all members are required to have a uniform.
The Red and Blue Group Neckers will continue to be provided to the Youth Member by the Group at Investiture at no additional cost. If you need a replacement necker please contact your section leader.
Scouts are required to have a set of plain dark navy trousers as part of the uniform. These may be the standard uniform ones for sale on the Scout Shop website, or a suitable alternative sourced directly by parents. To ensure the uniform is smart and suitable for scout activities, please do not use jeans or tracksuit pants.
The Group will source the Sea Scout dark Navy jumper and the standard set of badges centrally to avail of significantly reduced costs and to ensure that we have uniformity of colours and badge placement.
We will be taking first orders for the jumper/badge pack now until Friday 19th January, 2024 so that we can place a bulk order before the end of January, with the aim to have as many of the Group as possible in the new Sea Scout Uniform for the St Patrick’s Day parade.
The next time we will place an order after that is September 2024 at the start of the Scout Year
Which size to order?
For Kids (ages up to 13) this size guide applies
For older Children and Adults, this size guide applies
We have selected a soft, comfortable 80% cotton blend jumper, rather than the heavy one for sale on the Scout Shop website. We have a number of sample sizes available for you to try before you order if you wish. We will share on Parent WhatsApp groups the details on when these can be tried on prior to ordering.
The following badges will be included in your Jumper order and the price will also include these being sewn on to the jumper. There is not an option to sew these base badges on yourself as the pricing depends on all jumpers being provided to the supplier.
– World Scout badge
– Sea Scout Chest Flash (English/Irish)
– Sea Scouts Arm Flash (English/Irish)
– Western Province Badge
– Galway Scout County Badge
– 1st Port of Galway Group Badge
– Scouting Ireland Badge with Ireland Flag (English/Irish)
Any other badges the Scout earns will be provided by their Section Leaders
Online Ordering
*** Orders Close : Monday 29th January 5pm – Next Orders will be in September 2024 ***
To order the jumper with the Gasóga Mara Chest Flash, Gasóga Mara Arm Flash and Gasóga na Éireann badges (Irish language) click here and ensure you select the correct size.
To order the jumper with all badges in English language click here and ensure you select the correct size
Pricing varies slightly per size due to supplier pricing and the variable VAT rates for childrens & adult clothing.
Is this for all Sections? 
Yes, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and Leaders will adopt the Sea Scout uniform as detailed above. The current uniform for each section is being phased out in favour of the standard Sea Scout uniform
Can I use the uniform I have today?
Yes, please continue to use the current uniform you have until it needs replacement.
We will place an order for the new uniform jumper in January 2024 and then at the start of each Scout Year, commencing September 2024
When will Scouts wear this uniform?
We will wear the uniform when we are at public events, on parade, traveling to Scout events in Ireland or abroad and on occasion at our weekly meetings when determined by Section Leaders. Scouting Ireland is a uniformed organisation and each member needs to have a uniform.
For day to day activities the Scouts may be asked just to wear their necker, or just their necker and uniform jumper as determined by the Section Leader. The primary consideration is the comfort and safety of our youth members.
Scout Branded Clothing
On occasion Youth sections may choose to procure more informal clothing with Sea Scout and/or Group branding such as T-shirts or Hoodies. An example of this is the blue Nawaka trip hoodie.
These are entirely optional and will not form part of the Sea Scout Uniform.
Other Parts of the Sea Scout Uniform?
I’ve seen Sea Scout wearing Scouting belts, lanyards & whistles and ‘sailor’ hats (aka Ducks). Are these required?
No. To reduce cost and ensure we have a comfortable and practical uniform, we are not introducing these elements of uniform. If we have a requirement for any member to wear these elements then they will be loaned by the group at no cost to parents. We’ll review these elements of the uniform over time.