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Cub’s County Water Day 2024




Event Info:- Sunday 21st April 2024

Location: Direct Access to Rusheen Bay is through a narrow lane that is barely suitable for 1-2 cars never mind a group arriving at the same time. We suggest your meeting/ pickup point is here (link). You can make your way through the woods over to Rusheen bay, due east (right on the map) which is about a 10 minute trek.

Equipment Needed- All on water equipment is provided by Rusheen Bay including wetsuits.
– Gear you would normally bring on a day swimming outside

-Cub’s to bring a packed lunch, there is a grass area beside the facility overlooking the water and is nice for picnics.

Cost/payment- €27 per Cub on the water. Payment in full must be made prior to the Water Day. County events do not get refunded if your Cub cannot attend on the day.

Times- It helps to be there early as the wetsuits can be challenging. The arrival time will give you plenty of time to get up to Rusheen Bay which will be a 10 minute walk from the suggested drop off.

Arrive by 15:15, on the water 16:00 – off the water 17:30.